Monday, December 11, 2006

Store cupboard Standby

It takes a truly terrible day for me to not want to cook. It happens about once every three or four months. When I have slightly terrible days I look to the cupboard and freezer for something easy. Thai prawn curry.

I buy very little prepared food but there are some exceptions: Mae Ploy sauces. I always have one on standby in the fridge. I found them at Hoo Hing which we're fortunate enough to have quite nearby.

A dessert spoon of paste (not the quantity stated on the tub; you'll die choking) with a tin of coconut milk, a sliced onion, a handful of green beans and a bag of raw tiger prawns from the freezer combine for a quick and tasty dinner.


Blogger a.c.t said...

Stuff like that is always worth having on standby. I've made thai green curry paste before and it's such a hassle, so it's good to use a ready made one once on a while.

3:50 AM  

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